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What is Medisept nose piercing?

Unlike a traditional nose piercing, the essence of the Medisept nose piercing is that we do not pierce the nose with a needle or a branule, but, like ear piercing, we insert the jewelry into the nose bridge with a nose piercing device.

Piercing with the Medisept nose piercing has more advantages compared to piercing with a traditional needle.

  • It’s faster and less painful because the nose piercing device places the jewelry in the nose immediately, so no further operation is necessary.
  • It is more hygienic, because the jewelry is in a sterile capsule. In summary, thanks to the technical innovations, nose piercing insertion with Medisept\'s excellent products is hygienic, gentle, and extremely safe with the use of high-quality titanium jewelry.

About the nickel allergy

The jewels for the Medisept\'s nose piercing device are made of titanium and do not contain nickel, so they do not cause an allergic reaction even after insertion with proper aftercare.

A frequent question arises as to whether I can also help with a nose piercing brought by the guest. Unfortunately not, because the essence and criteria of the method - in contrast to the insertion of a nose piercing with a branule - is that I attach the titanium nose jewelry packed in a disposable sterile capsule to the nose piercing device. The nose piercing brought is not compatible with the device, so inserting it with a shot is technically impossible.


The pierced nose piercing must be cleaned both inside and outside every morning and evening using a wet q-tips, because dirt (sweat, dirt, dust, make-up, etc.) can cause inflammation.

I usually recommend using "After piercing gel" every day, which is included in the price and comes with the service. Place a small amount of product around the hole. I would not recommend the use of chamomile or alcohol, because it dries out the skin. Be sure to always keep the piercing in your nose as the hole closes really fast. You can change the jewelry after a month.