Shenmen piercing
/stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, allergies/

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Shenmen piercing

Shenmen piercing with brass alloy metal jewelry: HUF 25,000
Shenmen piercing with stainless steel jewelry: HUF 28,000
Shenmen piercing with titanium jewelry: HUF 28,000
Shenmen piercing with S925 silver jewelry: HUF 31,000
Shenmen piercing with 14-karat gold jewelry: HUF 43,000 - HUF 45,000

What is stress piercing and how can it help?

The shenmen piercing is a jewelry inserted into the upper middle cartilage of the ear. The middle cartilage of the ear contains countless nerve endings, which can be stimulated. The piercing is primarily for aesthetic purposes, but it has a possible pain-relieving and well-being-improving effect, but the result cannot be guaranteed. The service is not classified as a health service or medical service, and the jewelry is not a medical aid.

The active functioning of the vagus, also known as the planetary nerve, is responsible for calmness. As a result of stress, the activity of the planetary nerve decreases, which leads to physical disorders related to stress. The shenmen piercing can stimulate the vagus nerve, stimulate it to activity, the point to be pierced is measured with a device.

What kind of positive feedback do our guests receive one month after the piercing?

According to their experience, shenmen piercing can relieve anxiety and depression, help with sleep disorders, attention disorders, reduce restlessness, relieve stress, and have a pain-relieving effect.  Not everyone feels the possible effect after one piercing, so if necessary, one month after the piercing for only the price of the chosen jewelry I insert a second piercing in the ear on the opposite side.


Using a wet ear cleaning stick, thoroughly wipe the piercing around the hole, up and down, every day. Dust, dirt, sweat, soap, and shampoo can also get into the area around the hole, the accumulation of which can cause inflammation.

In addition to cleaning, the hole must be treated twice a day (morning and evening) with an ear-cleaning stick with a wound treatment gel, which can be purchased in my salons for HUF 3,500. This type of treatment should be done morning and night for a month. The wound treatment gel should not only be applied to the area around the holes, but also to the thin fold of cartilage that was pierced.


Even with the most careful aftercare, inflammation may develop, but you should not be afraid of it. The problem usually occurs a few days after the injection, or typically on the 6th-8th day. week, which is a reaction to the foreign substance. If the problem is detected in time, it can be effectively remedied by treating it with appropriate preparations.

You can check for proper healing by looking at it daily with the help of a mirror or a photo - this way you can detect any changes. In case of inflammation, the pierced cartilage thickens, pulsates, becomes red and swollen, blisters may form around the ear holes, and are painful to the touch. In this case, however, action must be taken, different problems require different treatment

It’s really important to always reach out to me immediately if you experience any kind of problem!


b) Regarding the effects of intervention:

  • Possible inflammation of the ear cartilage: in some cases, regardless of the material of the jewelry and even with aftercare, inflammation of the ear cartilage can occur, which can be effectively eliminated by changing the jewelry or using a suitable aftercare cream.
  • Mole, skin lesion: if there is a mole or other skin lesion in the pierced area or in its immediate vicinity, you must have it examined by a specialist before the piercing, and then you must provide us with a specialist\'s opinion on the results of the examination.
  • If you are taking blood thinners: after the injection, you may experience a larger, longer bleeding, as the blood clotting process is slower. If you are taking blood thinners, consult your doctor or inform the Service Provider about taking blood thinners!

c) In terms of healing risks:

  • In case of metal allergy: if you have a known and known metal allergy of any kind and degree, only precious metal jewelry (made of silver or gold) is recommended. Otherwise, a long-lasting, difficult-to-heal process is to be expected, during which a high degree of inflammation may also occur.


Contraindications/exclusion reasons:

It is not recommended to use the service (contraindications):

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • in case of taking certain medicines,
  • in the case of an illness under treatment,
  • in case of inflammatory disease,
  • during the treatment of skin diseases
  • a birthmark in the area to be treated
  • if you are taking anticoagulants, it is only recommended after a doctor\'s consultation.

Be sure to consult your doctor or specialist before using the service!

The service cannot be performed (excludable reasons):

  • in case of fever,
  • in case of an infectious disease,
  • under antibiotic treatment.

The Service Provider does not manage health data, the Guest decides on contraindications and reasons for exclusion, and declares their non-existence before using the Service. Guest is entitled to decide not to perform the service based on a visual inspection.


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